About Us!

    Welcome to Power Wash This pressure washing. We are a full service professional, pressure-washing company serving most of the Tri County Area, including but not limiting to, Manatee, Sarasota and Hillsborough. Counties, Since 2006. We are Licensed, and insured.

We are Insured, we carry $1,000,000.00 of liability insurance. And we are a long term Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau; click here to check out OUR “A+” RATING. www.bbb.org. .

  We at Power Wash This LLC are committed to Quality Work, Affordable Prices and Friendly Service. We treat your home like it was our own.

   Here on the gulf coast we count on an abundance of sun and great weather, unfortunately we also can count on an abundance of mold and algae and fungus growth. In our hot, muggy and rainy climate mold spores thrive, algae, multiplies, and fungus abounds. To keep our homes, pool cages, decks, fences, driveways and walks mold free is repetitive process. Aside form just the ugly appearance it gives your home, it is also unhealthy to breathe or ingest. It has been proven just how bad mold and algae is for our respiratory system, for people with allergies, or low immune systems. How many time have you gone out side to the mail box or car, walked in over a black moldy walkway or drive way, laid on the couch, walked on the rug, handled your shoes?

   We at Power Wash This LLC Clean these pests. WE PRESSURE WASH, we don’t paint, we don’t cut lawns, we don’t trim bushes, we don’t wash windows, we’re not handy men, we are Professional Pressure Washers. We specialize in PRESSURE WASHING., AND THE CLEANING AND SEALING OF PAVER DRIVEWAYS AND DECKS The guy that tells you, “oh yeah we do it all” well he’s the guy that has no work and more than likely a small amount of experience and knowledge about “everything”. I am sure you have had work done or know people that have had work done and have said “ gee I wish I had used a professional, instead of that guy” or had work done and had damage, went looking for that “guy” only to find “he’s out of business”. This happens all the time, because we are all looking for “cheap “. Cheap job and good job don’t go hand in hand.

The best job is NOT achieved with high pressure; it is achieved with the proper mix of chemicals and low pressure. High pressure, will ruin the out side of your house, destroy your roof, strip off your paint, ruin the seals in double paned glass, cause leaks, blow water under tiles, Low pressure is the difference from a professional and a “guy” We at Power Wash This, offer the best job at a fair pair price. We have the know how, the experience, and the right equipment to take care of whatever exterior cleaning needs

    Much of our work comes from referrals. We will gladly give you customers to talk to.  Our customers are our best sales persons.

   If you are selling your house, it is a must to clean it up before it goes on the market. Curb appeal is usually the most important part of a sale. Pressures wash your home and surrounding areas to bring out the best, to change dull to brilliant, to make your home shine. CALL TODAY A FREE QUOTE: 941 729 0562.



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